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and your former colleague, senator john kerry, who will serve as we confirm him in the next 24 hours as the 68th secretary of state. senator kerry has served in this senate in a distinguished amount of public service since 1985. he grew up traveling the world with his father in the foreign service. he fought in vietnam and was awarded the bronze and silver stars along with three purple hearts. i know he is going to build upon and continue the legacy and the extraordinary record of secretary clinton, and will enhance america's leadership in the world. i look forward to his speedy confirmation. madam president, i yield the floor. a senator: madam president? mr. rubio: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from florida. mr. rubio: let me begin by thanking the senior senator from florida a few moments ago made some very kind remarks about me and i appreciate them very much. let me say you're the best python hunter in the senate. those who don't know what i'm talking about can look it up in your newspaper accounts a few weeks ago in the everglades. thank you for your kind wo
for the next couple of days. i'm here with john pod hotter and bill kristol, founder and editor of "the weekly standard," and we're going to get right into it. john podhoretz -- >> podhoretz -- >> john podhoretz, you wrote a book a few years back called "bush country" in which you celebrated the achievements of our 43rd president, and george w. bush was a guy who thought deeply about imuation reform, poverty and trying to craft a middle class agenda for the gop. george w. bush is a figure that many republicans have been running away from. so tell me, do you think republicans were too quick to abandon george w. bush? >> i'm sorry, what? i was tweeting. i'm sorry. [laughter] um, well, yes and no. i think, obviously, politically republicans distanced themselves from george w. bush because it was politic thing to do. numbers don't lie. he became very unpopular. parties tend not to embrace figures and politicians who become unpopular. my view is that a lot of the distress over bush's domestic agenda from which republicans fled beginning really in 2005 had, it was a, it was an ancillary result of th
enlightenment into action causing vose to honor our ideas as a nation. >>> john mccain's 2000 campaign when he ran for president is the most memorable campaign of any that i've ever covered or banaa around. i mean, it was just we will never see it again and the hearing was facing george w. bush who headed the republican party backing him and the republican governors in new hampshire and all the money and john mccain held 114 town meetings. he stayed there until every question was answered. you see the light of all going on people's head when are we going to get the people's rights and he's a we are not going to get the people's vote of right if it isn't funded by insurance companies and next question. refreshing candor to people's responses and then he was totally open to the press. there's a candle in the open as and a sort of welcome mess that no one had seen before and no one certainly have seen since. >>> both houses of congress are back next weekend with the 113th congress now under way we are taking a quick look at a few of the new members from texas. republican senator ted cruz replaced
friend, senator john kerry on the rebounding confirmation of his nomination to serve as our next secretary of state. his departure will be a tremendous loss to the senate, but i respect president obama's decision to tap him for this absolutely critical position. there is nobody, nobody in the united states better qualified by experience, knowledge and temperament to step into this extraordinarily demanding job. now to repeat what my colleagues already know but it always bears repeating -- after volunteering to serve in the united states navy during the vietnam war, john kerry was rewarded the silver star, a bronze star and three purposal hearts. upon returning home, he became a national leader in the fight for justice for veterans who served beside him in vietnam as well as veterans for wars before and since vietnam. he joined with others to found the vietnam veterans of america organization. he has worked hard here in the senate over all these years to secure veterans' benefits for an extension of the g.i. bill of rights for higher education, for appropriate treatment for vetera
committee senator john kerry will be delivered his farewell address. yesterday he was confirmed in full sent to be secretary of state. that vote was 94-3. he could be sworn in as early as friday which was within the secretary hillary clinton's last day on the job. yesterday on the senate floor, a five person group of lawmakers including florida's marco rubio, senators hatch and global part -- the bill called the immigration innovation would increase the number of science engineering technology and math degrees. we will show you some of that debate into the senate gallows and at 9:30 a.m. >> senator from utah. >> i rise today to introduce the immigration innovation or i squared act of 2014. i'm pleased to be joined here by my colleagues, senator amy klobuchar, senator marco rubio, and senator chris coons, without whom this bill would not have materialized. all four of us have worked very closely together and each one deserves total credit for this bill. together, we have crafted one of the first bipartisan immigration bills this congress. one that is designed to address the shortage of high s
, and could vote on the nomination of john kerry to be secretary of state. here's a look at some of the new members of the senate. republican deposition of nebraska who won an open seat against bob kerrey. in new mexico, representative re martin heinrich was elected to replace retiring senator jeff bingaman. over in north dakota former state tax commissioner and state attorney general heidi heitkamp was elected in november. and in maine, former governor angus king, was elected to the u.s. senate as an independent. he replaces republican olympia snowe who retired. >> on thursday, president obama's pic to be defense secretary chuck hagel will testify at a senate confirmation hearing. we will have live coverage from the senate armed services committee at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span and c-span radio. >> the 2005 real id act establishes standards for drivers licenses and other documents based on recommendations from the 9/11 commission. 13 states are fully compliant with a lot today. next, a conversation on state id standards posted by the heritage foundation. this is 50 minutes. >> good morning
with senator durbin. >> i want to thank my colleagues. john mccain, thanks. i feel very good about the chance of this. chuck, thank you for your leadership on this and bob and lindsey and i understand that you have been the force behind us. we are the group and you are the force and it has worked. we have come to this moment and here we are facing immigration. nothing new in america. this nation of immigrants has been debating the issue of immigration since the first got off the boat and wanted to know why the second group is coming. that has been the heart of the conversation in america from the beginning but it really is critical to remember that those immigrants whose dna we carry has something special in their makeup to get up and move, to come to this great nation for an opportunity they couldn't find in another place. that is part of what we are today. and secondly, it says about our nation how many people we want to come here in this free country with this opportunity for an expanding economy. they want to be here in america. but let's be honest, the third is critically important. our
university's john f. kennedy school of government for the types of policy intervention and plan design features that can improve savings out comes to it is much concern in both academic and policy circles about whether our current private defined contribution savings system can adequately meet this retirement income needs of individuals. the current system has several shortcomings there are several steps, sensible steps that can be taken to improve outcomes for individuals without substantially increasing the cost worked risks to employers. my early research on automatic enrollment documented how small changes in the plan design can have a large impact on savings out comes to read this research provided the impetus for the corporate pension act of 2006 encourages and lawyers to adopt automatic enrollment as part of their savings plan. there are many other measures that can further strengthened the private defined contribution savings system in the u.s.. and my remarks i will highlight the shortcomings of the current system and suggest potential avenues for change. the first shortcoming
confirmed the nomination of john kerry to be the next secretary of state of the united states of america. i was away from the capitol during the two hours allocated for that debate and i wanted to add my comments and my commendments to secretary kerry, now secretary kerry on his confirmation to be secretary of state of our country. for the last four years i had the privilege of serving on the foreign relations committee with chairman kerry as chairman. during i watched him on the comprehensive peace agreement in the sudan to help shepard across the creation of the newest nation, south sudan, and a bloodless election that caused that to take place. i watched him in many other cases dealing with diplomats from africa, to europe, to the middle east, representing the united states of america and all of its best interests. and i watched him work hand in hand with secretary of state clinton to ensure that there was no division between the senate foreign relations committee and the policies of this country. but most importantly of all, on those tough, tough issues, like the ratification of the new
of the nomination of massachusetts senator john kerry to be the next secretary of state. live coverage here on c-span the. c-span2. a bipartisan group of senators today will unveil immigration proposals at a news conference at 2:30 eastern with live coverage on c-span. this is ahead of a speech president obama will give on immigration policy tomorrow in las vegas. and wanted to tell you a little bit more about some of the new members of the 113th congress from massachusetts. democratic elizabeth warren, who defeated incumbent senator scott brown, was an early advocate for the formation of the consumer financial protection bureau and is the first woman to represent massachusetts in the senate. over in the house, joseph kennedy will represent the state's 4th district. he's the grandson of former u.s. attorney general and presidential nominee robert f. kennedy. ♪ ♪ >> if we turn away from the needs of others, we align ourselves with those forces which are bringing about this suffering. >> the white house is a bully pulpit, and you ought to take advantage of it. >> obesity in this country is not
tyler moore mary president john tyler while he was in office after his first wife passed away. c-span original new series, first ladies, influence and damage, public and private lives , interest, and their influence on the president, produced the white house historical association. season one begins present state of your 18th at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific on c-span, c-span radio, and >> next, today's white house briefing with press secretary jay carney. he talked about check hegel's nomination to become america's next and secretary commemoration policy, and the iranian nuclear program. this is 40 minutes. >> it could be. i did not really want to let you guys today. good afternoon, ladies and summoned. welcome back to the briefing room for your daily briefing. i do not have any announcements to make at the top, so i'll go straight to darlene. >> thank you. the jobs council expired today commanded is not being renewed. can you explain why it is not be renewed? >> as you know, when the president took office created the presidential economic advisory board affectional
't taking a lot of, is in asking a lot of consumers today. >> we have time for one more question. >> john with washington auto show. a couple years ago at our show, mike jackson -- thank you. mike jackson, the ceo of automation declared what he called a moment of truth. i think we've all been talking about both in the first panel and the second panel today. and a moment of truth is as he describes it is, when the consumer comes into the showroom floor and don chalmers when his analogy earlier mentioned this, the greenest of the green person who wants to be a patriot, wants to get us off of the petroleum standard looks at the combustion engine, look at the alternative it in vehicle, and when they see the price difference, for just being green, remembers that he's a capitalist and goes for the cheaper vehicle. do any of you, as manufacturers, i recognize you're not economists, have any sort of percentage of fleet penetration where all of the alternative energy products kind of have a watershed moment where your costs are able to b be afraid sh as they come more in line with combustion engin
tyler, who married president john tyler while he was in office after his first wife passed away. c-span's original music series, first ladies influence in image, their public and private lives, interests and their influence on the president reduced with the white house historical association. season one begins presidents' day february 18 at 9 p.m. eastern and pacific on c-span, c-span radio and >> from almost the founding you would see the fertility rates decline. and by the time we hit the second world war we were right around 2.1, 2.2. van after the first world war, the second world war, sorry, we had the only major instance of fertility rate, that's the baby boom. that's the term which hates us. it really was a remarkable mode because not only the fertility rate quite high, as high as 3.7 i think for white americans and basically 3.9 for black americans to not only did it jump up and stay there for an entire generation. it was a long lasting effect. people change the way they lived for a generation. by 1970 that moment had ended. we saw not a gradual float down the r
training programs which were put in place by john f. kennedy half a century ago. these programs have never work. every decade or so the gao comes along and find essentially that they don't work. and again these sorts of problems go back many, many decades. if you look at some of the oldest subsidy programs that are pumped up by the bureau of indian affairs. aside from the reservations where they have gaming, reservations continue to be just about the poorest places in america. these many, many decades of subsidy simply hasn't worked to lift indians out of poverty. so for all these reasons, major cuts in spending make sense whether or not we have a federal deficit. even if we have had a zero deficit. many program cuts and terminations would increase gdp and would expand individual freedom. and so the political upshot of this, and i will close on this, the clinical upshur, the fiscal conservatives always say they want to cut spending but not all of focus in recent years by fiscal conservatives in congress has been trying to impose over all restraint by putting on budget gaps, by voting for a
mentioned. if i told you that a 40-year-old newly minted senator john kerry was going to tell you that relationships mattered most, i would have looked at you like you had three heads. i cut my teeth in grass-roots activism. didn't come up through the political -- i didn't come up through the political ranks. i burst on to the scene as an activist, and when you're an activist, all that singularly matters to you to the exclusion of almost everything else are the issues -- where you are on an issue, right or wrong and that's the ball game. wrong -- it's not the ball game. that's not what makes a good senator. and it's not what makes the senate work. my late colleague of 25 years, ted kennedy, taught me that. i saw him late at nights on the senate floor sitting with his colleagues talking, listening, wanted to know about your state, he wanted to know about your family, he wanted to know why you came here. he had a unique ability to know not just what he needed from you on a vote or a piece of legislation but to know what you needed on a personal level as a friend, as a colleague, as
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15